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The Isle of Islay is arguably home to the world’s most distinct and full-flavoured single malt whiskies.

Islay, known as the “Queen of the Hebrides” is the southernmost of the Inner Hebridean Islands, located off the west coast of Scotland.

The picturesque Isle of Islay is currently home to eight whisky distilleries, producing whiskies unlike any other around the globe.

These full-flavoured, complex Scotch whiskies are renowned for their smokey characters and notes of the Atlantic Ocean which laps at the shores of Islay. aims to celebrate these wonderful whiskies.

Snapshot of Islay whisky

To learn more about the single malt whiskies of Islay, check out our Intro section. It includes a handy phonetic guide to pronouncing the distillery names!

History of the Islay distilleries

Information on the whisky distilleries of Islay, both past and present, can be found in the Distilleries section.

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Whisky tasting 101

There are some simple techniques that can be employed to enhance your appreciation of Islay whiskies. To learn more about the whisky tasting process, see our Tasting Tips page.

Maps to find you way around Islay …and to each of the distilleries

Maps of the Isle of Islay, including the locations of active whisky distilleries, can be found in our Maps section.

Photo gallery of Islay and its distilleries

A visual exploration of the Isle of Islay and its whisky distilleries can be found in our Photos gallery.

Visit Islay – travel info and Whisky Trail

If you’re planning to visit the beautiful Isle of Islay – you can find all the information you need in our Visit section.

If you’re keen to sample some Islay whiskies at the source (and who wouldn’t you be?!) – check our Whisky Trail for all the distillery locations, tour details, opening hours and more.

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